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    Plenty of space for development and enough air for change: that’s life in the city oasis. With a sense of sustainability, useful features for all and above all: A homey feel.

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    TITLE: Konzept EN: 1.2 - Areal
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    A harmonious whole, yet each with its own design language: the OASIS Tower, Apartment House and Garden Houses. The base with its cubic façade and floor to ceiling glass panels, the details in material and the views of the river and countryside.

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    TITLE: Konzept EN: 1.3 - Architektur
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    Sprawling over nearly 4,000 square meters along the Altonaer Strasse is an urban hideaway. With the green Garden Retreat, direct waterfront location and view over Berlin at a height of over 50 meters.

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The OASIS Berlin urban hideaway is more than a place to live. In addition to its immediate vicinity to water, green surroundings, luminous architecture and diverse neighborhoods, the quarter provides an individual quality of life. With community spaces where you can expand your home to include a shared community. With features that save you time in your everyday life and that free up space for your own needs.

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TITLE: Konzept EN: Areal - Acco
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TITLE: Konzept EN: Areal - Acco
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1  Tower

  • 15 stories
  • View over Berlin
  • With spacious lobby
  • Light-flooded spaces

2  Garden Houses

  • Three town houses with three to five floors
  • Offset from one another, detached
  • View of the Spree and the countryside
  • Private gardens and balconies

3  Apartment House

  • Three floors with clever one- and two-room solutions
  • Functional, compact living space
  • Rooftop Lounge
  • View of the Garden Retreat

4  Garden Retreat

  • Spacious, quiet community areas
  • With urban gardening, trees and plant areas
  • with places for sitting or lying down

5  Rooftop

  • On the Apartment House
  • An island for the community
  • With a view over the Spree and the Garden Retreat
  • Grassed with places for sitting or lying down

6  Sun Deck

  • Raised surface, access to the Riverside Promenade with water source
  • With evergreen shrubs and perennials
  • For sunbathing, playing, resting or chatting
  • With places for sitting or lying down

7  Riverside Promenade

  • Connects OASIS Berlin to the Spree
  • Starting point for walks and sports
  • With connection to OASIS’s “store-your-canoe”

8  Lobby

  • Partial two-story entrance area of the Tower
  • With part-time concierge
  • WiFi in the lobby
  • Co-working spaces
  • Waiting and lounge area

9  Underground Garage Entrance

  • Access by the side of the Tower
  • With charging stations for E-Mobility for bicycles and cars
  • Storage rooms for each apartment
  • Direct access to Tower, Garden Houses and Apartment House

10  Playground

  • Grassed and suitable for different age groups
  • Richly varied design
  • With willow island
  • Ping-pong, outdoor fitness, swings


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TITLE: Konzept EN: Content 3 - Architektur
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OASIS Berlin blends into the surroundings of tower blocks and row houses from the 50s with a contemporary style. The 15-story Tower lends the area the aura and radiance of a lighthouse, the Garden Houses to its west are the modern translation of its clear design language. Together they frame the green community spaces and close the quarter off from the street so that noise and traffic are intentionally kept outside. An urban planning concept by Staab Architekten and subsequent design by the architect firm TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten. The aim of the quarter: to combine all the advantages of the city with those of a village-like idyll.

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TITLE: Konzept EN: 2.1 - Tower
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1 tower –

With its sophisticated, transparent façade, the Tower bounds OASIS BERLIN along Altonaer Strasse and neighbors the Victory Column as the crow flies. As a monolithic structure, it catches the eye from afar, while at the same time entering into direct dialogue with the Hansaviertel’s ensemble of monuments. Two of a total of 15 floors form the lobby of the Retreat, which, at two floors high and with a part-time concierge and access/ passage to the buildings, plays a central role in the complex. The large windows of the Tower are complemented by clear and opaque glass panels. Its partially glazed corner loggias, the basalt gray concrete and the reflective materials appear as a modern interpretation of the surrounding high-rise buildings of star architects from the Bauhaus tradition.

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TITLE: Konzept EN: 2.2. - Garden Houses
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The three Garden Houses are detached cubes. Offset from one another, they connect to the adjacent green area of OASIS Berlin with spacious gardens. The façade is divided into alternately arranged French windows with metal frames, sliding doors on the balconies and terraces and bright natural stone slabs. In their interplay with the clear objectivity of the tower, the Garden Houses convey a warm, natural quality.

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TITLE: Konzept EN: 2.3 - Apartment House
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Connecting smart
with space

The Apartment House adjoins the Tower. Predominantly oriented toward the green and quiet Garden Retreat of OASIS, it contains business apartments spread across three floors with a maximum of 60 square meters. In a small space, they offer smart solutions for those who are looking for a lot of home but only require a small space for it. The roof of the Apartment House is a community rooftop terrace for the residents of OASIS Berlin which overlooks their own quarter.

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