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TITLE: Wohnen EN: Content 1
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The OASIS apartment matrix:
Three intelligently laid out floor plan concepts
from 1 to 5 rooms for each building type

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    TITLE: Wohnen EN: 1.1 - Efficient
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    • Compact floor plans
    • Functional areas
    • Optimal for smart city dwellers
  • TYP: Teaser
    TITLE: Wohnen EN: 1.2 - Flexible
    ID: 695
    FUNCTION: wohnen_1.2


    • Multi-purpose floor plans
    • With diverse furnishing options
    • Ideal for sophisticated roommates
  • TYP: Teaser
    TITLE: Wohnen EN: 1.3 - Comfort
    ID: 697
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    • Spacious floor plans
    • Grand areas
    • The choice for freedom-loving cosmopolitans
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TITLE: Wohnen EN: Content 2 - Wohnformen
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floor plans

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TITLE: Wohnen EN: 2.1 - Tower
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Vistas, strong impact when viewed from a distance, quality of life

Those who live in the Tower enjoy great views on every floor. The balconies, loggias and terraces are cut diagonally and, combined with floor to ceiling glass panels, create fascinating sight lines. This is a special highlight in the penthouses and duplex apartments.

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nb. floor rooms living space price floor plans
T12.2 12.OG 4 118,00 m² 1.490.000 € Ansicht PDF

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two rooms

three rooms

spacious terrace

pleasantly light-filled

varied vistas

open living/dining area

three rooms, two floors

balconies and terraces

views as soon as you enter

the quiet of the green quarter oasis

open living areas


large corner balconies

panoramic view

view over berlin

varied vistas

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TITLE: Wohnen EN: 2.2 - Garden Houses
ID: 1438
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New impressions every day

So much privacy and yet at the center of the action: The Garden Houses offer a green environment with a feeling of being on vacation while being just a few steps from the pulse of the metropolis. Floor to ceiling glass panels flood everyday life with light, spacious cut balconies and slightly elevated private gardens bring relaxation into your home. With their modern living features, the town houses have undergone an innovative development.

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nb. floor rooms living space price floor plans

All Garden Houses apartments are already sold.

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three rooms

an abundance of light

same-sized-living areas

compact floor plan

varied vistas

TYP: Teaser
TITLE: Wohnen EN: 2.3 - Apartment Houses
ID: 1275
FUNCTION: wohnen_2.3

Maximum retreat in one to two rooms

The façade design is more reduced in the Apartment House than in the Tower and the Garden Houses. Floor to ceiling windows line up next to each other over three floors, with a darker concrete as the building’s second impact element. The apartments all face towards the sunrise. Warm sun ensures a pleasant evening light on the Community Rooftop. A separate entrance or the access through the lobby lead to the one- to two-room units.

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nb. floor rooms living space price floor plans

All Apartment House apartments are already sold.

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large living area

intelligent layout

comfort of a castle-in-a-cupboard

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